IFDDC Ladies Shopping Swag Bag 2023

IDAHO FALLS – Idaho Falls organizes Ladies Shopping Days October 6th and 7th! The first 100 people on both days will receive a free swag bag, but everyone will be able to receive a booklet with killer deals. IFDDC will be stationed outside of the Caramel Tree on the 6th and outside of Poppy and Pout on the 7th with the swag bags and passport booklets. Over twenty businesses submitted sales for the ladies to be included in the booklet. The booklet is free, so you will receive savings all around!  

This event is a great way to kick off your holiday shopping and to experience all Downtown has to offer. Grab your girls and hit all of these sales for an exciting day in Downtown!  

Our swag bags are a retro rainbow design with a complimenting small pouch bag that will be on the inside. Along with the two bags, you will also receive goodies donated from multiple Downtown stores including Poppy and pout, The Caramel Tree, Bumble and Bleat, SPLASH and more!  

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IDAHO FALLS – Come Downtown Idaho Falls on September 23rd, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM on the 300 Block of Park Avenue to experience Oktoberfest brews, live music, German food, fresh popped popcorn, and large street games! Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation (IFDDC) is hosting Oktoberfest in the street this year. We will have free swag, but it will go quick, so be there early! Buy a custom Koozie and sip your drink while listening to Two Bald Guys and SCRATCH. Park Avenue Grill will have their food truck stocked with bratwurst, sauerkraut and more!  

You can now preorder eTokens at .  

Buy tokens online and just show your code at the IFDDC Tent to redeem your tokens, then use your tokens to order your brews! If you preorder 5 tokens, you get 1 free! You must be 21+ to redeem tokens, but all ages are welcome at Oktoberfest.

After Oktoberfest, stay Downtown for more exciting events at local businesses! New Ford’s Bar, XVIII, Pachanga’s, Sully’s GastroPub, Bardoza’s Taphouse, and The Celt have exciting events happening after Oktoberfest ends and many local Downtown businesses are open for you to shop through! We can’t wait to see you there, prost!  

10 Fun and Free Things to do in Downtown Idaho Falls

In the heart of Idaho Falls lies a vibrant downtown that’s bursting with culture, creativity, and community spirit. What’s even better? You can explore and enjoy many of its hidden gems without spending a dime. Join us as we take you on a journey through downtown Idaho Falls, where fun and free adventures await around every corner.

1. Downtown Mural Walk

Grab your camera and embark on a journey through downtown Idaho Falls with the Downtown Mural Walk. This public artwalk is a gallery of vivid, larger-than-life murals that. Each mural is a work of art that brings the past to life right before your eyes. Learn more about the mural walk HERE

2. Idaho Falls Public Library

The Idaho Falls Public Library is not your ordinary library; it’s a thriving community hub right in the heart of downtown. Step inside to explore a world of knowledge, creativity, and learning that goes far beyond the bookshelves. From engaging programs to cozy reading corners, it’s a welcoming space for everyone.

3. Free Little Art Galleries

Downtown Idaho Falls is a place where art thrives, even in unexpected places. Discover the magic of art through the Free Little Art Galleries. These charming, pint-sized showcases offering delightful surprises from local artists. They’re a testament to the community’s commitment to celebrating creativity. Learn more about them HERE

4. Idaho Falls Farmers’ Market

Join the bustling Farmers’ Market in downtown Idaho Falls, where the vibrant energy of the community meets the freshness of local produce. Savor the taste of farm-fresh goods, handcrafted artisanal products, and the lively atmosphere of this weekly gathering. It’s not just a market; it’s a celebration of local flavor!

5. Japanese Friendship Garden

Amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown, find serenity in the Japanese Friendship Garden. This lush garden located inside Sportsman’s Park invites you to escape the chaos and immerse yourself in its serene beauty. Meander along peaceful pathways and enjoy a moment of calm amidst a garden tucked next to the Snake River.

6. Willard Art Center Galleries

The WAC Art Galleries in downtown Idaho Falls are a haven for art enthusiasts. With rotating exhibitions featuring local and national artists, they offer a diverse array of artistic expressions. From paintings to sculptures, these galleries showcase the boundless creativity within the community.

7. IFDDC Community Events

The Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation (IFDDC) hosts a myriad of community events in downtown. From lively festivals to cultural celebrations, IFDDC’s events bring people together and create a sense of belonging. Keep an eye on our calendar for exciting opportunities to engage with the community. See all of downtown’s upcoming events HERE

8. Art You Can Sit On Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for an artistic adventure with the “Art You Can Sit On Scavenger Hunt.” Explore downtown Idaho Falls while seeking out and interacting with unique, functional artworks. It’s a delightful and whimsical way to experience the city’s creative spirit.

9. Idaho Falls Riverwalk

If you’re seeking a tranquil escape within downtown, the Idaho Falls Riverwalk is your answer. This picturesque pathway meanders along the Snake River, offering stunning views of the iconic waterfall, lush greenery, and perhaps even a glimpse of local wildlife. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll, a jog, or a place to simply relax, the riverwalk provides the perfect backdrop for connecting with nature in the city.

10. Window Shopping

Sometimes, the best way to soak in the unique character of downtown Idaho Falls is through its shop windows. Stroll along the charming streets and explore boutique stores, each offering a curated selection of goods and captivating window displays. It’s a delightful way to admire the craftsmanship, creativity, and style that define the downtown shopping experience. Whether you’re in the mood for fashion, art, or home decor inspiration, you’ll find it while window shopping in downtown.

Downtown Idaho Falls is full of experiences waiting to be discovered. It doesn’t take money to visit, in fact there is even free parking! So if you are looking for a way to spend time in downtown without spending a dime, it is still possible! Bring this list and experience downtown this week!

Making Memories with your Kids in Downtown Idaho Falls

Hey there, mamas! If you’re looking for a place with family fun, Downtown Idaho Falls is your go-to destination. This gem in the heart of the city offers delightful experiences for you and your little ones. From enriching cultural activities to scrumptious eats, downtown has it all! Keep reading to learn more about Downtown Idaho Falls and how to have a memorable day out with your kids. So, grab your strollers and pack your snacks – it’s time to embark on a family-friendly adventure!

Photo of the intersection of Park Ave and A Street in downtown featuring hanging lights

1. Play and Learn at the Museum of Idaho:

Step into a world of curiosity and imagination at the Museum of Idaho. With interactive exhibits that’ll leave your kids wide-eyed and eager to learn, this place offers a fantastic blend of education and fun, featuring both rotating exhibits and a permanent exhibit about Idaho history. As you walk through its halls, you’ll witness the wonder in your kids’ eyes – a testament to the magic of learning.

Photo of the historic Carnegie library section of the Museum of Idaho

2. Unwind by the River Walk:

Sometimes, the simplest moments make for the most cherished memories. Take a leisurely stroll along the Snake River Greenbelt River Walk, where your kids can run along the wide path alongside the river and explore the unique benches made possible by the Art You Can Sit On program. Watch as they giggle and point at the ducks swimming in the river, and be sure to snap a few pictures of these adorable moments. Don’t forget to bring a picnic blanket and some snacks for a relaxing family picnic by the water.

Family enjoying a walk around the Idaho Falls River Walk Greenbelt

3. Tasty Treats for Little Foodies:

Downtown Idaho Falls is a food lover’s paradise, and it has something for even the pickiest of eaters. Treat your little ones to mouthwatering delights at the local eateries. Whether it’s indulging in creamy gelato at Manwaring Cheese or trying out unique foods at the farmer’s market, your tiny foodies are in for a treat. Moreover, many restaurants offer kid-friendly menus that cater to their taste buds and ensure they leave with happy bellies.

Kid friendly grilled cheese sandwich at Manwaring Cheese​

4. Family-Friendly Events:

Downtown Idaho Falls is a hub of entertainment for families throughout the year. Check out the event calendar for festivals, outdoor concerts, and special holiday celebrations. Your kids will love the lively atmosphere and the chance to join in on exciting activities.

Families with their children participating and enjoying in the Where is the Easter Bunny event in Downtown Idaho Falls

5. A World of Imagination at Idaho Falls Public Library:

For moms looking to foster a love for reading in their kids, the Idaho Falls Public Library is waiting to be explored. This welcoming library offers a wide array of children’s books, interactive storytelling sessions, and engaging educational programs. Step inside, and you’ll find cozy reading nooks where you can snuggle up with your little ones and embark on literary adventures together. From picture books that ignite their imagination to interactive educational resources, the library provides a nurturing space for young minds to flourish.

Children’s books on a shelf at the Idaho Falls Public Library​

6. Unleash Creativity at the Artitorium:

Next, for the artistically inclined mamas and their children, the Artitorium is an absolute must-visit. A unique blend of an art gallery and a hands-on creative space, the Artitorium lets your kids unleash their inner artists. From painting and sculpting to making digital art and stop-motion animation, the Artitorium offers a wide range of activities that cater to various interests. With supportive staff and a laid-back atmosphere, your little ones can freely explore their creativity, and you might even discover a hidden artistic talent yourself!

7. Serenity at the Japanese Friendship Garden:

Last, but definitely not least, is the Japanese Friendship Garden. Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of Downtown, you’ll find tranquility at the Japanese Friendship Garden. Immerse yourselves in the serene beauty of beautiful plants and calming water features. This garden is a wonderful spot for moms to slow down and appreciate the beauty around them with their kids. Take a stroll along the peaceful paths, watch the Snake River’s flow, and teach your little ones about the importance of harmony with nature.

Crab apple flowers in bloom at the Japanese Friendship Garden also known as Sportsman’s Park in downtown Idaho Falls

Altogether, downtown Idaho Falls is a place where imaginations soar, laughter echoes through the streets, and memories are woven with love. So, embrace the friendly vibes, the welcoming spirit, and the inviting ambiance of this beautiful city. Come downtown and create unforgettable moments that will stay etched in your family’s heart forever. Happy adventuring!

Collaborative Art with Free Little Art Galleries Promotes Community to Downtown Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS – Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation (IFDDC) launched a new public art project in downtown Idaho Falls offering two Free Little Art Galleries (FLAGs) in the downtown district. One FLAG is found outside of the Museum of Idaho and the second FLAG is outside of The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho (TAM). 

“As an art museum, we love anything that promotes the creation and exchange of art in our community. Catherine Smith (IFDDC) was such an amazing champion for public art projects throughout downtown during her tenure, and this FLAG project is just one more way she helped make art accessible and integral to every day life for our community. The participation we’ve already seen with this little gallery at TAM has been delightful!” – Miyai Abe Griggs, Executive Director, The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho 

 The FLAGs provide an opportunity for artists of any age or experience level to display their art in a gallery. Artists can either leave a piece of art in the gallery or take a piece of art home. Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation invites the public to use the galleries. 

“We are so excited to be a part of the FLAG program with IFDDC and TAM. At the Museum of Idaho, we believe that engaging with your community through opportunities like this allows people to form a stronger, more relevant connection with the place they are in. We hope that everyone who uses the FLAGs feels a deeper connection to Idaho, the people they meet, and the experiences they have here.”- Chloe Doucette, Managing Director, MOI 

In celebration, IFDDC held a ribbon cutting on July 6th 4:30 PM outside of the Museum of Idaho for the FLAGs in downtown Idaho Falls courtesy of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce. Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, IFDDC hosted an Art Out Night in conjunction with the monthly Artwalk (formerly Gallery Walk) from 5 – 8 PM. Participants picked up free art supplies from both museums to create a piece of art for the galleries. Participants wandered through the museums or downtown for inspiration for their art. Once artwork was completed it was dropped off at either FLAG.  

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Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation (IFDDC) advances our historical downtown as the regional center for commerce, culture and leisure activities for residents and visitors. 


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Idaho Falls Downtown Development Celebrates Pets in a New Mural Downtown  

IDAHO FALLS – Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation, in partnership with Snake River Animal Shelter, kicked off the new downtown mural, Pets of Downtown in June of 2023. After submitting an application, pet owners can pay to have their pet painted onto the mural wall by talented local artist, Marina Zavalova. 

Each pet portrait is in approximately an 18-inch square. Rescue pets receive a heart in the corner of their portrait. $50 of each portrait fee is donated to the Snake River Animal Shelter, Idaho Falls’ only non-profit animal rescue. All pets are welcome. The mural can be found on the north wall of BlackRock Fine Wine and Craft Beer, in the alley off Park Avenue in downtown Idaho Falls. 

The title of the mural was painted along the top of the wall by Jesse Mendoza at Dynamic Painting LLC.  

The pet mural is a way to celebrate and memorialize the lives of our pets. Each pet portrait will stay up for 3 years, after that the owner can choose to renew the portrait for an additional fee, or the space will be opened for a new pet to be painted. Idaho Falls Downtown Development is thrilled to bring new public art into downtown, along with supporting a local artist and rescue animals.  

“This collaboration is an incredible way to invest in our historic downtown, honor the pets that have added so much to our lives, and highlight the rescued critters throughout our community. We are honored that such an incredible artist will be providing the artwork in this unique opportunity to support our community’s no-kill, nonprofit animal rescue.”
– Michelle Ziel-Dingman, Executive Director of Snake River Animal Shelter 

Pets of Downtown was inspired by a mural in Del Ray, Virginia titled Dogs of Del Ray.  

Join us for the official Ribbon Cutting on July 20th at 4:00 P.M. with the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Pets of Downtown is presented by Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation. All net funds raised support the maintenance of the mural, the artist, and donations to Snake River Animal Shelter. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & visit 

Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation (IFDDC) advances our historical downtown as the regional center for commerce, culture and leisure activities for residents and visitors. 


Pets of Downtown Mural, June 28, 2023. Idaho Falls Downtown Develpment Corporation

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Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation has been designated as an Accredited Main Street America™ program for meeting rigorous performance standards.

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Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation

Catherine Smith, Executive Director




Idaho Falls, Idaho (6/15/2022) – Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation has been designated as an Accredited Main Street America™ program for meeting rigorous performance standards. Each year, Main Street America and its partners announce the list of Accredited programs to recognize their exceptional commitment to preservation-based economic development and community revitalization through the Main Street Approach™.

“We are extremely proud to recognize this year’s 863 nationally Accredited Main Street America programs that have worked tirelessly to advance economic vitality and quality of life in their downtowns and commercial districts,” said Patrice Frey, President & CEO of Main Street America. “During another incredibly challenging year, these programs demonstrated the power of the Main Street movement to respond to the needs of their communities. I am inspired by their steadfast leadership and innovative solutions to drive essential local recovery efforts, support small businesses, and nurture vibrant downtown districts.”

In 2021, Main Street America programs generated $5.76 billion in local reinvestment, helped open 6,601 net new businesses, generated 30,402 net new jobs, catalyzed the rehabilitation of 10,595 historic buildings, and leveraged 1,427,729 volunteer hours. On average, for every dollar that a Main Street program spent to support their operations, it generated $19.34 of new investment back into Main Street communities.

The Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation’s performance is annually evaluated by the Idaho Department of Commerce’s Idaho Main Street Program, which works in partnership with Main Street America to identify the local programs that meet rigorous national performance standards. Evaluation criteria determines the communities that are building meaningful and sustainable revitalization programs and include standards such as, fostering strong public-private partnerships, supporting small and locally owned businesses, and actively preserving historic places, spaces, and cultural assets.

Catherine Smith, executive director shares, “The Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation is thrilled to be recognized and accredited by the Main Street America Program. The Main Street approach is a deliberate effort to strengthen the downtown core for strong economic growth. We are honored to meet the high standards required of the program and motivated to continue achieving and meeting that bar.”



Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation (IFDDC) advances our historical downtown as the regional center for commerce, culture and leisure activities for residents and visitors. Follow us on Facebook and visit


Main Street America leads a movement committed to strengthening communities through preservation-based economic development in older and historic downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts. For more than 40 years, Main Street America has provided a practical, adaptable, and impactful framework for community-driven, comprehensive revitalization through the Main Street Approach™. Our network of more than 1,200 neighborhoods and communities, rural and urban, who share both a commitment to place and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development. Since 1980, communities participating in the program have leveraged more than $95.33 billion in new public and private investment, generated 161,036 net new businesses and 717,723 net new jobs, and rehabilitated more than 314,431 buildings. Main Street America is a nonprofit subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. For more information, visit