Most of us who love to come downtown would prefer the ability to park right in front of our destination of choice. Once in a while we can. Often we must park just down the block or 2 block away and walk.

Click here for a downtown parking map and guide.

Click here for details about the pay-by-plate parking meters in the off-street parking lot.

Click here to pay a parking citation. 
To contest a parking citation, following the prompts on the screen. You will receive a response within 14 days via email. Failure to pay citations within a 30 day period, may result in your vehicle being towed. 

Click here to apply for a Temporary Construction Permit. 

Downtown Idaho Falls Parking Comparison This illustration shows the footprint of the Grand Teton Mall (in red) overlaid on top of our historic downtown. Consider that a stroll from one end of the mall to the other is the same distance as walking from Yellowstone Highway to Memorial Drive. Walk the mall in the other direction and it is the same distance and walking from Constitution Avenue over to Broadway.


Most on-street parking around downtown is limited to two hours. If you are making a short trip downtown, open spaces are abundant, but you may have to park around the corner from your destination. If so, you can enjoy a stroll along some of our historic streets.


There are several free all-day parking lots around the downtown area. Lots are located off Yellowstone Ave along the railroad, behind the buildings south off Broadway between Shoup & Park (the first few rows are 2 hour parking – please look for signs), most streets north of Constitution, corner of D Street and Park and across the street on D Street, corner of E Street and Capital and on the corner of Constitution and Shoup.


The IFDDC operates three pay-to-park parking lots in the heart of downtown – B Street East and B Street West lots are at 451 B Street (near the south east corner of Capital and B Street) and the third is along the Yellowstone Highway between A and B Streets with the entrance coming in off A Street. The Capital Lot we manage is reserved permit parking only, hourly parking is not available in that lot.

Parking is $1 per hour or $5 for a one day pass. Pick up an envelope with attached ticket when you drive into the lot.  Place the envelope on the dash board of your vehicle and take the ticket with you to be stamped with validation stamps.  Validation is available from several downtown businesses – there is a list of businesses that validate on the windows of the parking lot booths and below. You will need one validation stamp on your ticket for every hour of parking. Return the ticket inside the envelope with payment or with validation stamps when you leave the lot.  If you do not pick up a ticket and envelope, and display the envelope, one will be placed on your vehicle.  Monthly passes can be obtained for $35. Call us at (208)535-0399 if you are interested in a monthly pass.  Overnight parking is not allowed without permission.

Downtown Businesses that validate for parking:
A Street Soup Market  *  Arts Council  *  Bella Capelli Salon  *  Bybee’s  *  Bramwell Chiropractic *  Lily’s Selected Consignments  *  The Downtown Event Center (The DEC)  *  Ford’s  *  The Hair Co.  *  Hopkins Roden  *  Idaho Mountain Trading  *  Jimmy’s All Season Angler  *  O’Brien Tomchak  *  Pachangas  *  Patricia S. Wells-Noble CPA PA  *  Shoup Office Suites  *  SnakeBite  *  Smokin’ Fins * T&T Reporting  *  Urban Nook * Raymond James Financial

Bona-fide residents of the downtown area may apply for a permit which will exempt them from the parking limits established for parking spaces within the off-street City owned parking lot located south of Broadway between Park Avenue and Shoup.

This permit is not valid for parking in the 2-hour parking spaces on the streets or in our Pay-to-Park lots. The cost of each permit is $50.00/annually. Only one (1) permit per licensed driver is allowed. The permit must be displayed in the vehicle so it is visible from outside the vehicle, whenever they are parked in the designated city parking lot. It is unlawful to transfer or allow another person to use this permit. Contact 208-535-0399 for more information.