Across the country, downtown are experiencing a renaissance of great music, art, museums and revitalizations of the historic building. Downtown Idaho Falls is no different and our public art collection is growing!

Throughout downtown Idaho Falls, the gray traffic cabinets along Yellowstone Highway and Broadway in the downtown district have been wrapped with local artists’ artwork.

This artwork was generously provided by The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho from their Permanent Collection. With the local artists’ permission, the museum coordinated the use of the artwork, along with the Idaho Falls Downtown Development’s Public Art Committee.

The final piece of the puzzle to launch this project earlier this spring was to secure the funding. The CHC Foundation generously granted the project $8,500 with matching funds provided by the Idaho Falls Historic Downtown Foundation of $5,000. Post Register news article on the project can be found here. 


legs-bench-300x225Hanging out downtown is a visual arts delight, thanks to “Art You Can Sit On.” This was a collaborative project with  the Idaho Falls Historic Downtown Foundation, the Idaho Falls Arts Council, the City of Idaho Falls Division of Parks and Recreation and the City Beautification Commission.   We brought in 18 “sculptural seats”, that are placed through our downtown and there are 21 more benches placed along the River Walking paths. The seating not only allows pedestrians a resting place, it is a delightful art attraction. The works are visually stunning. Some capture images of the Snake River and local wildlife while others are more whimsical including a skateboard, stack of pillows, and a bench with legs and feet. For a map and more information, visit Idaho Falls Arts Council, Art You Can Sit On


Living Walls is as a project aimed at bringing public and private walls to life. Through the years, we have seen the historical painted walls create dialogue in our community with both appreciation of the past and curiosity.

The newest public art piece completed downtown from local Idaho Falls artist, Kelly Sheridan. We partnered with the ACLU of Idaho to commission an artist to install a new mural. Kelly was selected and the mural is about communication, specifically the beauty of American Sign Language. From left to right it says: Ask, Understand, Listen and Look. Thank you also to Jeff Neiswanger, who owns the Kress Building, home to Channel Blend where this mural is installed.

Kelly Sheridan’s comment on the message and meaning of the mural:

“I hope that you can connect with the meaning of the mural, which is this:
It’s sometimes hard to listen to what seems unsavory, see something that seems wrong, understand something new, and ask about something you’d rather not know. However, that’s the only way that we can grow. We can’t assume the worst intent. The world, and people, are more beautiful and forgiving than that. That’s why communication and understanding are so important.”

More to come in spring and summer of 2019!